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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Convert document files online

Many of us struggle continuously with different file formats specially document files. Some of tech savvy install many converter to change and others just live without it.
However, converting files are relatively easy using computers, but what's the solution for those who exchange mails on their smartphones? They will transfer to and fro on computer to get their desired file format which consumes a lot of time and energy.
Now, a popular tool 'zamar' converts files online which enables you to convert files by emails itself. You only need to forward those attachment and files directly to zamar, without downloading to computer and they will be converted in no time :)
How to do..
Forward the file to specific email address like where format represents the file type of desired output format.

For Example: If you want to change doc/docx file to pdf, you only need to forward the concerned file to
For converting to doc/docx/txt file forward the file to doc/docx/

Hey, but you wont get the file through email, you've to download that file from zamar website, which is not actually a big headache.

So, enjoy this fantastic service and make things easy on the go.

Stay tuned with me, for more tips and tricks..Bye..

--Pushp Raj Sagar

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The great IT dilema

Nowadays whenever i come out from my IT class, i feel shattered and my self confidence broken into millions(read crores, Indian system!!) pieces. The mirror which i along with others are shown, for our corporate/job preparedness makes me feel terrible. How do i tell you that my entire future planning/whishful thinking (courtsey: My lecturer) lies groaning in front of me.
Adding pinch of salt to my wound is recent news reports which i keep coming across nowadays (i don't read usually but our lecturers' warning regarding the placement made me do this). One of the reports of NASSCOM in which it's chief announced that there will be no impact of recession on IT sector in india as companies will continue to spend for running their companies cost effectively (yeeyee I like these kind of person who talk optimistic).
While i was relaxing my heart, body and mind, Forrester research woke me up from my dream saying that global demand of technology will grow at half the pace next year. They also elaborate that Indian firm's CEOs have started feeling impact in terms of delayed decision making and actual effect will surface only next financial year i.e 2012, which is the year of our placement (ghrrr..!!).
Getting these contradictory reports i frantically started looking for reports which reduces my fear of recession and you know what i got one. This study tells that indian cloud market sets to go up by 33% and touch magical figures by 2020.
Now am i suppose to wait till 2018 and reap benefits of good cloud market !! I am so confused and that's the reason i am posting this either you gimme some nice sounding advice or get more confused than me.. :)
Have a good time :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Unreligious humurous post

What many people don’t know is that I share a deep yet secret friendship with Naradmuni, the gossip monger God amongst the Hindu deities. And one fine day, he agreed to show me the Facebook profiles and walls of the Gods. Yes, the site has another version, strictly meant for the divinity. And I would like to share with you all a few excerpts from the same. (Narad might hate me for this, but I have already started downloading the first season of Gossip Girls for him, to calm him down.)


Shiva likes Just Dance on Star Plus and The Immortals of Meluha

Shiva: Nandi is going to be a father. Again. Congrats. Whatever.


Nandi: No need to taunt okay.

Shiva: I have told you so many times to keep your libido down. You’re one horny bull I tell you.

Nandi: That’s it. No more free rides for you.

Shiva: Don’t anger me you fatass.

Nandi: What will you do eh?! Your “Anger Dance”? No God is scared of that anymore buddy. They hardly watch now.

Ganesh: Dad, please don’t start dancing. My friends in school tease me. It’s embarrassing.

Parvati: No one is dancing around in my house. Last time Ganesh tried, he broke a few tiles. I’ve had it.
Kartik likes this comment.

Ganesh: Mooooommmm!!!!


Lord Ram is attending India vs. Sri Lanka World Cup Final @ Wankhede
3 days ago.

Ram: Dhoni’s men kicked the Lankan asses. Team India rocks. Awesome match.
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Ravan: Match was fixed.
Surpanakha and 33 other people like this comment.

Laxman: Bullshit.
Bharat and 24 other people like this comment.

Hanuman: Hey Ravan. Gold prices at an all time high. Too bad I burnt it all for you eh! Lolzzz.


Yamraj: I see dead people.


Chitragupta: ROFLMAO… good one boss.


Ganesh: Ganesh Chaturthi time people. It’s a fiesta!


Krishna: Hey Happy B’day bro. Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Ganesh: It’s not my b’day u idiot. Today was when dad declared me superior to all gods. Yo!

Krishna: Oh ok. Hmmm. Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
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Brahma: Hey guys. Lets start our own Justice League.
Shiva and 10 other people like this.


Vishnu: Awesome idea Brammy.

Jesus: I’m in.

Allah: Me too.

Sai Baba: Yeah. Me too.

Shiva: Hey Sai. What superpowers you have man?! You’re not even actually one of us. You’re like Batman.
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Hanuman: Lifted 100 lbs dumbbells today at the gym. Now I can do the Salman bicep step.
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Ram: Dude, why’re you working out? You don’t need the gym. You’re naturally very strong.

Hanuman: I am???!!

Laxman: Yup. And BTW, you can fly. It’s very irritating for us to keep reminding u of your powers u know. You’re less like salman and more like aamir in Ghajani man. Please get all your powers tattooed on your chest.
Ram and 5 other people like this comment.

Hanuman: Dammit! I can actually fly. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Hanuman: Thanks Laxman. And ya I’ll get the tattoo as soon as the stitches on my chest are removed. What was I thinking when I tore it open to show your brother’s image??!!

Ram: Hey! That hurt man.

Hanuman: Oh THAT hurt Ram??? I TORE OPEN MY CHEST!!!!!

Ram: Ok Ok. No need to get senti. Sheeesh. I’m so glad we evolved from you people.

Hanuman: Oye u don’t comment on my people ok. If it weren’t for us u wud have had to go to lanka for Seeta Maa in Air India. And our monkey chicks are better than their Air Hostesses.

Laxman: Dude, you’re a Balbrahmachari. Please get that tattooed also.

Hanuman: Oh ya. He he.


Vishwamitra: Eternal Celibacy?! What was I thinking??!!! Sex is awesome!!!


Menaka: You left me in the middle of a love making session to update your status!!!! COME BACK IN YOU FREAK!.

Vishwamitra: Hey you’re checking FB too.

Abhishek Bachchan: Aha. My new Idea campaign works!


Jesus: Being the only God in a religion is so much better man. No competition.
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Brahma: Hey Jesus, how many holidays you get due to festivals???!!!!
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(DISCLAIMER FOR ALL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE: Kindly take this post with a pinch of salt. Don't kill me.)
 Courtesy: Tanmoy porel's friend

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Android or Blackberry ?

Android or blackberry ? This was the question which lingered in my mind while i decided to buy a new phone all over again. I had already stopped thinking about Nokia after finding out that this is not one made for me. It did not help me with its processing speed and performing multiple tasks at the same time. Well so going after latest trends Android or Blackberry was the options left.
As usual I tried asking for gyan regarding mobile phones from friends and made to understand that I would be the best person to decide for myself.
"Status symbol" is the first thing which comes to anybody's mind while thinking about BlackBerry. As my personal experience i have seen such people using Blackberry who are not even aware of speciaity of blackberry. So, is this the only reason people are buying for !! Quite possibly. The other day one of my friend was arguing in favour of Blackberry with me and obviously i chose Android to counter attack his arguments.
As i mentioned "status symbol" was the only thing in my friend's mind who is also planning to buy blackberry to flaunt his status toy.
Finally, i bought google powered phone which helped me in saving hard begged money from my dad which otherwise i would have spent for using Blackberry fame RIM's highly encrypted mail and messaging servers.
Well, I am indebted to my bald lecturer, who taught me to address rational than emotional needs. Now i am quite happy in using some amazing and cool apps free of cost from android which Iphone advertises to have.